Management Trainees

Sharing from graduated Management Trainee

Mr. George Ku, joined in 2007
Graduated from HKU, 2005 ¨C Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic & Communications Engineering)

Industrial management is a very complex industry. It involves lots of processes and a series of cooperations among various departments to contribute effort together. Being a trainee in E&E, I have opportunities to understand the full picture of this industry as complete as possible within a scheduled period.

The programme provides me a straight way to realize the complexity of running a business, through being assigned to different departmental positions to look at the same business based on different angles, about its difficulties understanding, constraints realizing and problem solving in working reality.

I am grateful that I have opportunity of being granted to sit in Corporate Management Meeting as like a non-credit earning student, providing me direct vision of comprehending the macro view from top management¡¯s concern and the trade-off in every decision making.

Since graduated, I am a Senior Business Development Engineer and responsible for business development in South Asia & Pacific Region. I will keep putting my great effort to contribute to Company continuously.

Mr. Man Leung, joined in 2008
Graduated from CityU, 2007 ¨C Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Management)

The program gives me lots of opportunities to develop myself, both technically and internally. I have learnt and trained to be more independent and thoughtful. The most attractive part of the programme is the flexible training arrangement allows, which has widen my scope of learning and allowed me to better utilize my knowledge and skills to put what I have learnt into practice. Now I am taking a new challenge as Senior Engineer in Quality Assurance Department. I believe it can further explore me to the industry and enrich my vision in PCB profession.

Sharing from existing Management Trainee

Ms. Joan Yeung, joined in 2009
Graduated from PolyU, 2009 - Bachelor of Industrial and Systems Engineering

I started working in Elec & Eltek¡¯s management trainee program in July of 2009. In my time here I've learned about the operational complexities of a large company. To date I have rotated into three departments, each department provides a unique perspective into how the company¡¯s goal is achieved. Working in the management trainee program has provided me a unique opportunity to be able to develop knowledge and skills from multiple positions within the company.

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