Environmental Management System
Standard Environmental Management

Elec & Eltek manufacturing sites around the world operate under a common EMS framework. This management system integrates all activities in the site. It is believed that this framework provides us with the most consistent and effective way to protect environment and pursue continuous environmental improvements in our global operations.

All Elec & Eltek PCB manufacturing sites, including Hong Kong, Kai Ping, Guangzhou, Nan Jing, and Thailand plant are certified to ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management system.

Pollution Prevention
The main theme of the EMS is pollution prevention. All manufacturing sites are equipped with waste water treatment facilities to ensure all discharged waste water meeting the national environmental laws and regulations. All other chemical and solid waste are properly disposed through re-cycle and re-use to prevent damage to the environment.

Continual Improvement
The management system does not stop at current performance. Rather, it continues to move ahead by developing timely and effective solution, through the 4R principle (re-use, re-cycle, replace and reduce) to resolve the problems of resource exhaustion and waste disposal. The system makes use of environmental objectives and targets, environmental management program and environmental audit to make sure it is continuously improving.

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