Guangzhou plant

Guangzhou plant
Guangzhou plant was established in 1993 in Huangpu Economic and Technological Development District of Guangzhou, China. 

Plant Milestone
In 1999, a microvia fabrication plant was established in Guangzhou. Utilizing research result and starting with microiva fabrication technology for the production of medium to high-end PCB and to lead Guangzhou plant to new level. Equipped with laser drilling technology, this facility is targeted at customers in the communication sector. 

In 2001, Guangzhou plant set up another manufacturing location in East side to increase production capacity and now is concentrating on inner layer and drilling production.

Current Expansion
In order to increase the quantity and further improve the quality of our products, Guangzhou plant established a drilling and inner-layer process centre in 2005. Today, the floor area of Guangzhou plant reaches 146,174 square meters (including a factory building of 52,800 square meters scheduled to be completed sometime in 2011) with designed production capacity of approximately 1.9 million square feet per month. Further expansion of Guangzhou plant is also on the run in order to cope with the increasing demand from customers

Quality Assurance
Total Quality Management (TQM) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) are a well-defined part of Guangzhou plant's production process. In recognition of its high standards of quality control, the Company received ISO/TS16949 accreditation and  ISO14001.

Plant Positioning
Guangzhou plant is an ideal one-stop shop manufacturing plant for the fabrication of a wide range of products, from conventional multi-layer PCBs of up to 32 layers to HDI boards and quick turn around service. Targeting the computer and computer peripherals, consumer electronics and medical end-application markets, our Guangzhou phase I/II plants engage in medium-end high-volume production of PCBs. Our Guangzhou phase III plant focuses on medium to high-end low-volume products with servers, communication, medical and backplanes as the major end markets. We are proud to declare that Guangzhou plant is your excellent partner in supporting high technology, high layer PCB to suit all of your needs.



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