Kaiping HDI Centre

Kaiping HDI centre
Kaiping site is one as a whole, Kaiping HDI centre is one of our investment in Kaiping site. 

Plant Milestone
In response to emerging market requirement, conventional Printed Circuit Board("PCB") production capacity has transformed to High Density Interconnect(HDI) PCBs, with the capability in producing 3 level HDI. Kaiping HDI centre commenced production in 2009.

Current Expansion
Kaiping HDI centre occupies floor area of approximately 65,000 square meters and its existing monthly production capacity has reached approximately 400,000 square feet.Total budgeted investment for HDI project will be 400 million USD, and will have monthly output for 120,000 square metres.

Kaiping HDI center invested over twenty laser drilling machines and over sixty drilling machines. In order to provide the best plating process, Kaiping HDI centre will continuously invest on most advanced horizontal plating line, which gives much better quality when compared to standard vertical plating. The repeatability is also much better as every PCB sees the same plating process.

Plant Positioning
Targeting at the telecommunication and portable devices markets, Kaiping HDI centre is an ideal shop for the fabrication HDI boards up to 3 levels. As the largest HDI facilities in South China Region, we are proud to say Kaiping HDI centre is your excellent partner in supporting high technology, high layer PCB to suit all of your needs.

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